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July 14th-18th, 2024 Hilton Chicago Chicago, IL
The CADCA Mid-Year trip is the perfect opportunity for Youth Crew members to dive deeper into the purpose of our coalition. It is an all-expense paid trip (travel, lodging, and 3 main meals per day) to a destination location in which you meet with other youth from across the country to discuss the work that is happening in your community. You have the opportunity to learn from peers, come up with ideas for new projects, and ask questions of leaders in the world of prevention. We want the best representation for Youth Crew at this
event and if you think that is you, we encourage you to apply.


Expectations when traveling for Youth Crew event:

1.Best behavior (attentive, prompt, no foul language, non-disruptive) 
2.Appropriate dress (semi-casual attire/dress for the occasion) 
3.Participation (engage in activities, take notes, willingness to meet others) 
4.Be prepared to share! You will need to come back with information to share with commissioners, stakeholders, and your peers.
5.Maintain expectations of what you agreed to when you signed the Youth Crew pledge.

Hey youth, you can empower your own generation to take their rightful seat at the decision-making table and shape work that reflects your values.  You can promote local change through programs, campaigns, policy, and community education.  Join the Youth Crew to:

·    Be heard

·    Meet people

·    Create real community change

·    Receive letters of recommendation

·    Gain community recognition

·    Enhance scholarship opportunities

·    Access paid internships

·    Experience after-hours events

·    Influence state-level decisions

A community youth coalition pulls young people from across multiple sectors to reach common goals.  The youth promote local change from a grassroots perspective through various programs, campaigns, awareness, and community education.  They mobilize local movement associated from the bottom-up rather than the top-down.  Our future depends on their success!

Youth Crew is inclusive from ages 12 - 19 (6th-12th Grade) and is a youth-led task force that allows them to get involved at home and in the areas of influence around them to help create healthy habits. Youth Crew aims to build a better community that they can be proud to call home. The goal of Youth Crew is to maintain a roster of youth participants who keep an active role in the coalition, regularly attend meetings, and help plan/promote upcoming events. Anyone in the 12-19 (6th-12th Grade) age range is permitted to attend meetings; Youth Crew is a safe space where individuals can have their voices amplified about the changes they wish to see.


Youth Crew meets monthly and is currently developing a consistent schedule, with the help of our established youth, to determine which days & times will allow for the greatest number of participants.  During Youth Crew meetings, we will engage in a number of discussions including an overview of our core values, expectations, upcoming events, and current work that is taking place within the coalition. 

Youth Alcohol & Drug Data

Barton County exceeds Kansas State averages in 30-day use of substances for youth in the following areas:

  • Alcohol 

    • 22.65%   BT

    • 16.36%   KS

  • e-Cigarettes

    • 15.92%   BT​

    • 12.60%   KS

  • Binge Drinking​

    • 13.11%   BT​

    •   8.31%   KS

  • Marijuana​

    •   7.88​%   BT

    •   7.24%   KS

  • Prescription Tranquilizer Misuse​

    •  1.63%   BT​

    •  1.30%   KS

  • LSD

    •    .95%   BT​

    •    .76%   KS

  • Cocaine / Crack

    •    .95%   BT​

    •    .50%   KS

Barton County youth substance is affecting our community's social capacity and this is reflected in our school attendance and dropout percentages,  suicide rate, and teen birth rate.  

You can create awareness, not participate in substance use, discourage your friends from partaking, and let your voice be heard by joining the Drug & Alcohol Prevention Task Force!  


Change your Community.

Thank you for signing up! We will be in contact with you!


Creating A Better You

Promoting healthy behaviors such as setting goals, talking about your feelings, adequate exercise and sleep, eating breakfast, drinking water, maintaining a healthy weight, and refraining from tobacco and drinking encourages health and well-being.   Do you often find you need ideas to keep you going?  Try these:

·    Go to the park

·    See a movie

·    Start a blog

·    Check out Recreation Commission activities

·    Walk the dog

·    Take a day-trip with your friends to the lake

·    Bowling

·    Attend a community event

·    Read a book

·    Prepare a meal

·    Arcade

·    Join us for a Coalition or Task Force meeting

·    Go to a sporting event

·    Get friends together to play a game outside

·    Join a youth group

·    Watch a play, go to the museum, or watch live music

·    Make a video

·    Volunteer your time

·    Apply for scholarships

You are in charge of your future and influence the reputation of your community!

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