The Coalition engages young people by making sure they are emotionally healthy, fully integrated into the school, and provide them with the tools so that are workforce ready.  We focus on opportunities and work to reduce risks.  Our future depends on their success!


Count Me In - Student Leadership Summit

Let's be #AloneTogether

The inspiring show features more than 20 keynote speakers, award-winning musical artists, young leaders, and teen icons. Join students from around the world for the ultimate virtual field trip!

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  • Melinda Shankar - Alli Bhandari, Degrassi

  • Thomas Sanders - TikTok Influencer

  • Hunter March - Netflix Host

  • Josh Shipp - TED Speaker

  • Ashley Leggat - Casey, Life with Derek

  • Megan Nicole - International Pop Sensation

  • Cody Simpson - Australian Singer /Songwriter

  • Holly Painter - Youth Activist

  • Cimorelli - 6 sisters with 1.3 billion views

  • Jessie Fund - Broadway Star

  • Michael Champagne - Next Gen Leader

  • Ryan Porter - Entrepreneur

  • Yahya Bakkar - Instagrammer, beatboxer, & author

  • Ali Shah - Activist

  • David Edward Garcia - Motivational Comedian

  • Sunjay Nath - Speaker

  • Will Lourcey - Teen Founder of Nonprofit

  • Sheliza Kassam - Teen Founder of Nonprofit

  • Francesco Yates - Singer-Songwriter

  • The Treble - Alternative Rock Band

  • Shane Feldman - Keynote Speaker

Happy Teens

Youth Opportunities

Physical & Emotional Wellness

Promoting healthy behaviors such as setting goals, talking about your feelings, adequate exercise and sleep, eating breakfast, drinking water, maintaining a healthy weight, and refraining from tobacco and drinking encourages health and well-being.  Healthy behaviors also prevent chronic disease and support emotional wellness.  Do you often find you need ideas to keep you going?  Try these:

  • Go to the park

  • See a movie

  • Start a blog

  • Check out Recreation Commission activities

  • Walk the dog

  • Take a day-trip with your friends to the lake

  • Bowling

  • Attend a community event

  • Read a book

  • Prepare a meal

  • Arcade

  • Join us for a Coalition or Task Force meeting

  • Go to a sporting event

  • Get friends together to play a game outside

  • Join a youth group

  • Watch a play, go to the museum, or watch live music

  • Make a video

  • Volunteer your time

  • Apply for scholarships

You are in charge of your future and influence the reputation of your community!


Youth Prevention & Intervention Programs

Because we CARE

All-Stars Prevention Program 

The All-Stars Progam is specifically geared towards 6th graders and is in response to data indicating that this is the use of alcohol and drugs significantly increases between 6th and 8th grade; and research shows the later age someone begins to use substances, the less likely they will have problems later in life.

All-Stars prevents the use of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and prescription drugs, and works to give kids hope and envision a bright future for themselves. Research shows kids who have a clear vision for their future, know what they need to do to make it happen and believe risky behaviors will get in the way of it will more likely achieve the future they desire.  For more information, please call Juvenile Services at 620-793-1930.

All-Stars Prevention Program is implemented in the following schools :

  • USD 428: Eisenhower Elementary School, Jefferson Elementary School, Lincoln Elementary School, Park Elementary School, Riley Elementary School, and Great Bend High School. 

  • Private Schools: Central Kansas Christian Academy, Holy Family School

Youth Intervention

The Immediate Intervention Program uses an evidence-based curriculum giving youth the opportunity to discuss issues that affect them personally.  They will meet with a professional on a weekly basis and services are offered free of charge.  Services cover a range of topics to increase the youth's ability to build a variety of skills.  Youth must be between 10-18 years old.  For more information, please call Juvenile Services at 620-793-1930.

  • Communications & Goal Setting

  • Substance Using Behaviors

  • Responsible Behavior

  • Handling Difficult Feelings 

  • Family Relationships

  • Building Strong Values

The Parent Project

The Parent Project is a class that launched in Spring 2019 and is a parent's guide to changing destructive adolescent behavior.  It reduces family conflict, juvenile crime, recidivism, and improves school attendance.  They have solutions for critical issues like drug use, violence, bullying, truancy, sexuality, poor school performance, and conflict.  To preview Unit 1 of Changing Destructive Adolescent Behavior, click here.  For more information, please call Juvenile Services at 620-793-1930. 

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