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This task force focuses on creating healthy behaviors for youth in Central Kansas.  By focusing on opportunities, we desire to engage young people by making sure they are emotionally healthy, fully integrated into the school, and provide them with the tools so that are workforce ready.  Our future depends on their success!

Happy Teens

Promoting healthy behaviors such as setting goals, talking about your feelings, adequate exercise and sleep, eating breakfast, drinking water, maintaining a healthy weight, and refraining from tobacco and drinking encourages health and well-being.  Healthy behaviors also prevent chronic disease and support emotional wellness.

Do you often find you need ideas to keep you going?  Try this:

  • Go to the park

  • See a movie

  • Start a blog

  • Check out your local recreation center

  • Go on a family walk

  • Attend a community event

  • Prepare a meal

  • Get friends together to play a game outside

  • Join a youth group

  • Volunteer your time

Physical & Emotional Wellness

Youth Opportunities


The Immediate Intervention Program is facilitated by Juvenile Services and uses an evidence-based curriculum.  They meet on a weekly basis addressing issues that are in direct relationship to today's youth giving them the opportunity to discuss issues that affect them personally. The program is designed to direct juvenile offenders of CINCS (child in need of care) reported as habitual runaways away from the formal court system by offering a diversion program to first-time offenders.


This program is offered for youth between 10 and 18 years of age who come into the system and referrals to IIP may be made by the County Attorney. 

Classes cover a range of topics and increase youth's ability to deal with issues, including, but not limited to:

  • Substance Using Behaviors

  • Responsible Behavior

  • Handling Difficult Feelings 

  • Family Relationships

  • Building Strong Values

For more information please call 620-793-1930.

Juvenile Services

Immediate Intervention Program


What is All Stars?

The prevalence of substance use increases as adolescents grow older. Research shows a later age someone begins to use substances, the less likely they will have problems later in life.


The first goal of All Stars is to prevent the use of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, prescription drugs and inhalant use for as long as possible during the most at-risk years for adolescents. When All Stars is well implemented from the end of elementary school through high school it delays the onset of substance use. As an added benefit, All Stars also prevents other behaviors, including early sexual activity, bullying, and fighting. Whatever risky behavior exists, it is All Stars’ goal to reduce it, postpone it and prevent it.

The second goal of All Stars is to give kids hope and envision a bright and positive future for themselves. Research shows kids who have a clear vision for their future, know what they need to do to make it happen and believe risky behaviors will get in the way of it will more likely achieve the future they desire. All Stars inspires kids to dream about, develop and carry out a plan for a positive and bright future.


Research Based

With over 30 years of research conducted in the field of substance use prevention, much is known today about what works and what doesn’t work. From the beginning, All Stars has always applied cutting-edge research knowledge into its development and approach. Nothing is done in All Stars unless the research suggests it works.


Every session and activity in each All Stars program is designed to change qualities that research shows accounts for why adolescents engage in risky behaviors. The various All Stars programs address the following qualities to one degree or another:

  • Normative beliefs

  • Personal commitment to not use

  • Positive relationships with peers and important adults

  • Parent/Adult attentiveness

  • Beliefs about consequences

  • Idealism

  • Positive character

  • Goal-setting skills

  • Decision-making skills

  • Resistance skills


It Works

Many evaluation studies over many years have shown All Stars consistently does what it is intended to do. The following published reports from All Stars evaluation studies, along with being listed on the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices, provides solid evidence to its effectiveness. We are continually invested in program evaluation, but most importantly, we want to ensure All Stars works with your kids. Our customized outcome evaluation services for each program offers you the solid evidence you deserve to have to show your investment in All Stars was well worth it!

In Our Schools

All Stars Prevention Program was implemented in the following schools for the 2018-2019 school year:

  • USD 428: Eisenhower Elementary School, Jefferson Elementary School, Lincoln Elementary School, Park Elementary School, Riley Elementary School, and Great Bend High School. 

  • USD 112: Wilson, Central Plains Middle School, and Central Plains High School.

  • Private Schools: Central Kansas Christian Academy

To get your school involved please contact Juvenile Services.

In Our Schools

All Stars Prevention