Central Kansas Partnership (CKP) has been building a vibrant culture of programs and grassroots efforts that promote health, wellness, and rural community prosperity.  Our community coalition work dates back to 1991, with the development of Barton County LEAD (Leadership, Education, Action Against Drugs).  In 2010, the Healthy Communities Coalition joined the Barton County Partnership to develop Central Kansas Partnership.  The coalition now includes multiple task force initiatives that promote quality of life and build a prosperous community in Central Kansas.  Simply put, we advocate for healthy, caring communities.  Most importantly, WE ADVOCATE WITH YOU; common efforts foster the common good!  

Task Forces

Task Forces work on specific issues such as parenthood, the built environment, prevention, and food security, and so much more.  Some task forces have been in effect for several years, others our project-based, all of them are community-driven and the Partnership will last into perpetuity addressing emerging and on-going issues.  Some fundraise or hold events to meet specific objectives.  The task forces may also make recommendations to the Central Kansas Partnership Board of Directors.

Community Meetings

Community Meetings are open to the public and our task force membership.  We have Community Meetings on the third Tuesday of the month, see our Calendar for more information.  These meetings provide the opportunity

  • Hear from a balcony perspective what specific task forces are working on

  • Share what your group, organization, or club is working on and build collaborative relationships

  • Identify emerging community needs, ideas, or spearhead conversations

  • Make recommendations to the Board of Directors 

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors provides the administrative framework for a sustainable organization.  Our Board carefully considers the needs and positions of each task force and the participants of the Community Sharing Meetings.  Our Board of Directors is a progressive group of individuals that bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.


Marissa Woodmansee (President), Megan Hammeke (Secretary), Sue Cooper (Treasurer),

Gaila Demel, Bev Frizell, Shelly Schneider, Amy Boxberger,

Vicki Richardson, Alisha Markley, Casey Rowland, and Holly Bowyer. 


The Partnership envisions healthy caring communities.


To join in a common effort to build healthy and safe communities, to reduce the use of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs, especially among our youth, and to promote healthy attitudes and behaviors.

Join Central Kansas Partnership

Do you want to be a part of some pretty awesome community transformation work?  We think you would be a great contribution to the team!  Anyone can join CKP!  

Central Kansas Partnership is an I.R.S. designated 501(c)3 organization.